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Interpreting services

Our colleagues are gladly available to you or your clients as interpreters for the desired language.

The easiest way to make an inquiry is to fill out and send the inquiry form below. Based on the information submitted, we can process your request immediately and get back to you as soon as possible. Except for very short deadlines or very exotic languages, we will usually comply with your request with high probability.

We offer our interpreting services mainly to companies, authorities, institutions, etc.

For private individuals, we can only provide our interpreting services if a sworn interpreter is required (e.g. at the registry office or notary, etc.).

The following procedure applies to private customers:

  1. Please fill out the form below first.

  2. We will check your request and respond with a corresponding offer.

  3. If you agree with the offer, please pay a deposit.

  4. The desired interpreter will be made available to you on the date specified.

  5. Billing after the appointment.

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