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Our Service at Pars Lingua: Frequently Asked Questions About Translations and More

1. Request for quotation

for translation

You can easily and quickly obtain a cost estimate for the certified translation of Iranian public documents by using the online cost calculator provided by Pars Lingua. Simply input the document type, quantity of documents, your name, and email address. Without the need for a personal visit, you will receive a cost estimate within a few minutes.

For other documents, you can easily upload them as PDF files through the alternate form and receive a free quote.

3. Order fulfilment

Your desired translation order will be completed within the specified deadline.
If you would like to tell us something or if we have any questions, you may contact us any time during order processing by email, chat or, if necessary, by phone.
Our certified translations are recognized by all higher authorities and courts.

Simply do a certified translation online

from start to finish in just 4 steps

1. Request for quotation
2. Order confirmation
3. Order fulfilment
4. Delivery of the translation

Translation services

We offer a wide range of services

Certified translation:
School and university documents, certificates, ID cards and birth certificates, marriage and divorce documents, powers of attorney, job references, title deeds, doctor's letters and medical reports, certificates of military service, court judgments, etc.
Basically, we translate any document from any language into German and English and vice versa. We also offer translations into French and vice versa for many languages. Further language combinations on request.

Non-certified translations:
Specialist translations in various fields, such as documents, books, screenplays, magazines, websites, presentations, essays, CVs, contracts, advertising posters, operating instructions, letters of recommendation, brochures, etc.

2. Order confirmation / Upload Documents

online and easy

You are just one step away from placing your order.
If you would like to accept the cost estimate and give us your translation assignment, please prepare the PDF files of your documents and upload them via the link provided in the quotation email.
We will review your documents, and if they match your request, we will send you another email to confirm the order. You will be guided step by step throughout the process, just like a native speaker would.

4. Delivery of the translation

Digital + Printed!

Certified translations are then sent by mail throughout Germany (on request also Europe-wide). Dispatch within Germany is free for all online orders.

In the case of non-certified translations, delivery is by email or other agreed methods.

At the beginning you only need to take the first step (request for a quote). You will then be accompanied step by step.

Pars Lingua translation service

All types of translation services

Leading provider of online services
Official translation for Persian (Farsi) and Dari
Official translation from any language to German and English and vice versa

Free shipping throughout Germany for all online orders
Free customer portal with 24/7 online access

With a team of experienced and qualified authorized and sworn translators and interpreters
Duisburg - Germany

Online and internet services

Request for quotation around the clock online

Exclusive Service: Online Cost Estimate for over 30 types of Iranian documents and paperwork without the need for document viewing by Pars Lingua, with instant calculation.
Cost estimate for other documents and languages based on a semi-online cost estimate page by Pars Lingua in the shortest time.
Online registration for ordering translation documents.
Free customer portal provided by Pars Lingua for 24/7 internet access.
Option to make online requests for official pro forma invoices for submission to authorities such as the job cnter.
Online appointment scheduling for personal visits.

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