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24/7 online service for certified translations

Pars Lingua keeps up with the trend of technological advances

In the 21st century, in a time of unstoppable technological progress, the importance of the internet and its numerous opportunities grows daily. Applications like WhatsApp are undoubtedly preferred by most people when it comes to communication, while address queries are becoming rarer and emails are now almost standard. Nearly everyone has at least one email address, and many people conduct their banking, shopping, communication with friends, searching for information and news, or spending their leisure time solely on their mobile phone from the comfort of their sofa. There are countless other online services that we are all familiar with.

At Pars Lingua, a company in the translation industry, we also want to meet this trend and offer our customers a 24/7 online service, particularly in the area of certified translations, that complies with all legal requirements.

Usually, an order for a certified translation begins with the translator checking the content of the text or document to determine the cost estimate and duration of the work. For the customer, this is often the first hurdle after finding a trustworthy and available translator. Upon receipt of the documents, the translator checks them and informs the customer of the price and delivery time. Alternatively, the customer can also schedule an appointment with the translator and personally hand over or send the documents by post. We have been offering this traditional procedure for years and continue to make it available to customers who want to use it along with our online services.

However, our online service is characterized by the ability for customers to complete their certified translations quickly and easily from anywhere at any time with a smartphone or tablet and internet connection.

Customers can make quote requests directly on our website. Within a maximum of one working day, they receive the corresponding offer with the total costs and delivery time by email. The further steps such as order confirmation, document handover, and payment processing can also be easily and quickly processed online through our website or customer portal.

We present all aspects of our online service in detail on our website and look forward to offering you a fast, reliable, and efficient service that complies with all legal requirements.

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