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Existing Iranian Documents on the instant calculator

  1. Civil status certificates: Birth certificate (Schenasnameh)

    , National ID card (Karte Melli)

    , Death certificate

  2. Card documents:

    All Iranian driver's licenses

    , Military service card

    , Trade permit

    Membership card

    , Medical practitioner's ID

    , All card documents in the size of a driver's license

  3. Marriage and divorce documents:

    Certificate of single status

    , Marriage certificates

    , Copies of marriage certificates

    , Divorce certificates and copies of divorce certificates

  4. Educational certificates:

    High school diploma and transcript (Dabirestan, Honarestan, Pisch-Daneschgahi)

    , University degree certificates and transcripts

    , Qualification certificates (Fani-Herfei)

  5. Commercial permits and licenses:

    Business permit

    , Medical practitioner's license

    , Lawyer's license

    , Establishment permit


  6. Official, legal, or medical certificates:

    Certificate of good conduct (as a form), Medical (blood) test results, etc.

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